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A guide to some of the most commonly-used terms in 17hats
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17hats a unique all-in-one suite of business tools that makes managing your business easier. You'll find some of the most commonly used terms below to help get familiar with the platform quickly. 

Contact(s) - The customers you communicate with in 17hats are defined as Contacts. They are further classified into four types to help you tell the difference between each person, company, or vendor you communicate with. You can list your contact as either a Lead, Client, Cold Prospect, or "Other" contact type. 

Projects -
Projects are where you organize all the information you send and receive from your Contact. You’ll find any email communication, documents, files, time logs, to-do tasks, and more in one convenient place. 

Calendar - Just like the calendar you hang in your office, 17hats also allows you to add events onto 17hats Type Calendars and connected Google Calendars. You'll have a preview of your upcoming events on your Dashboard and can see a day, week, or month view on the main Calendar page. To learn more about the Calendars we recommend creating for 17hats, please click the button below.

Online Schedule - The Online Scheduling tool (OS) will allow your contacts to easily schedule an appointment, consultation, event, session, etc. all with a few clicks of a button. 

The tool is comprised of a Service and an Availability Schedule. The Service controls how long that specific appointment would last, the location, any messaging, and other approval and booking settings. 

The Availability Schedule sets the days and hours that service can be booked. To ensure you're not double-booked, you'll have the Availability Schedule review the 17hats type and/or Google calendar(s) of your choice. If it finds something already schedule during the outlined available times, they will be removed from your Availability Schedule. 

Workflow - Workflows allow you to automate the tasks you usually take to complete a project or service and helps guide your customers through your Client Experience. 

You'll build a Workflow Template first as a base copy of your process.  You'll then apply that Workflow to projects to activate it begin the sequence you outlined. 

Lead Capture Form (LCF) - Similar to other contact forms or pages, Lead Capture Forms (LCFs) allow you to automate the population of interested customers into 17hats. 

Once someone has filled out your LCF, they are automatically added as a Lead type contact into 17hats and a project will also be started for them. 

Templates - Templates are the clean base copy of any document and email. You can re-use them for any contact or in a workflow to save you time and streamline your process. 

Marketplace -
You can download or purchase other emails, invoices, contracts, quotes, questionnaires, and workflows from other members and 17hats here! 

Client Portal - The 17hats Client Portal is a convenient way for your clients to access and complete all the 17hats type documents you've sent to them. It's a secure location where your customers can accept quotes, sign contracts, complete questionnaires, pay invoices and view event details. All without having to dig through emails to find the document they need. 

User(s) - If you have others on your team that need to communicate with your customers, complete tasks, or other items in your 17hats Account, you can add them as a User. This will give them a login to access your account, a calendar, and task list for your account. You can give them additional permissions, or give them access to everything by making them an Admin level user.

Brand(s) - A brand is an additional workspace you can link to your primary account. The Brand feature is intended to allow members to manage the various businesses they own in one place. Each brand you create is completely separate, except for the login email address you use to access each brand. 

Do other terms need to be added here? Let us know! You can reach us via Live Chat or Email support@17hats.com

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