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Lead Capture Forms Overview
Lead Capture Forms Overview
Learn the different types of Lead Capture Forms that can be used in 17hats.
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Lead Capture Forms (LCFs) allow you to automate the population of interested customers into 17hats. 

There are two ways you may capture new leads. First, you may create a form and install it on your website, Facebook, and any other areas you gather new customers. The second way is to create a Lead Capture Email Rule. Using the email rule allows you to capture leads from WeddingWire, The Knot, and Showitfast websites. 

Each method of capturing potential customers works just like a contact form on your website. An interested customer gives you their name, email address, and any other details needed.  Then, they are automatically added as a Lead into 17hats. If the potential client is captured from a Lead Capture Form (LCF), a project will also be created for them. 

Once someone has filled out your LCF, a Dashboard notification will show up within the “Let’s Take Care of Business…” section. You may immediately access your new lead's project from that notification, or you can view all leads from the “Leads” page. You may also opt to be notified that someone wants to work with you via text and/or email.

You can start a workflow that will start as soon as your lead submits the Lead Capture form, this will start the same workflow for anyone filling out the form, you would set this up in the Form Details area.

To get the most out of the Lead Capture Form, we recommend starting a Workflow based on the type of service the Lead is interested in. To automatically trigger this workflow, you’ll add a “choose from a list” type question. This will allow the form to automatically activate a specific Workflow Template based on the Leads answer. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

While you can ask as many questions as you’d like on your Lead Capture Form, we recommend asking only four to six questions. This makes filling out this form a quick and easy process for your Lead. The easier it is for them to fill out the form, the more business you’ll get! 

The questions we recommend asking are:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Service they're interested in

  • Event Date

  • Referral Source

You’ll always have to ask for the lead's name, and email address as those are used to create or update the contact profile in 17hats. 

To learn more about setting up each type of Lead Capture Form, Workflows, or Managing your Leads click the buttons below.

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST.

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