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Learn what projects are used for and how to add and switch between them.
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Projects allow you to begin working with your customer. Think of a "Project" as a manilla file folder with the person's name on it. This is the central location you can find the email communication, documents, files, time logs, to-do tasks, etc. you’ve created or sent for that specific customer.

You may have multiple file folders (projects) for each contact type, but without a file folder (project) you will have nowhere to organize your contact's information or documents.

Adding & Switching Projects

Once your contact profile is created, you can begin your first project. If your customer was added to the platform using a Lead Capture Form (LCF), a project will automatically be created for you. 

To add a project from a new contacts profile, click the “Add a New Project” button.

Once your first project is started, you can create additional projects using the “New Project” button.

Easily switch between projects using the project drop-down.

Once a project has been created, you’re ready to begin work! Let’s start by reviewing the elements of a contacts project. 


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