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Lead Overview: Lead Capture, Lead Overview Page
Lead Overview: Lead Capture, Lead Overview Page
Navigating the Lead Overview Page, Lead Capture Wizard, Manually adding leads, and adding Lead Capture Forms to Facebook and Websites
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The lead overview screen will help you to keep track of all your leads within 17hats.
To access this, click on "Leads" on the left hand navigation bar.  

  • The first time you arrive on this screen, you will be prompted to create a lead capture form.  

  • Lead capture forms are used to gather all the information you wish to gather from your new potential client

  • Lead forms can then be installed on your Facebook page or website.  

-- What is a lead capture form? --

Lead capture forms (LCFs) are a great way to get new clients into the system by gathering their contact information from wherever they may run into you online. Put simply, these are our '"Contact Me" forms! 

LCFs can also automate parts of your intake process for you by auto-populating certain pieces of contact and project information for you, sending out automatic email responses and triggering certain followup actions!

Lead Capture Wizard: (Only viewable when adding your first Lead Capture Form)

If you need further assistance in creating a new lead capture form, feel free to click the "watch this video" link on that new page or by clicking the button below:

To get started:

  1. First you will want to name this new lead capture form.  

  2. Next you will want to decide if there are any additional fields of information you wish to gather from your lead (we include a default sample Lead Capture form that asks for: name, email address, phone number, and a response message).  

  3. You may add or delete these fields but please note that you must have a "Name" and "Email Address" field on every lead capture form. 

  4. You may format the wording as well as move them around in your form as you see fit.  

  5. To add another question, simply press "Add a Question" and then select the type of question from the drop down menu:

  • You may then map that new question to any fields in the contact record, as well as determine if this should be a required question (forcing your new lead to answer it).  

6. When everything is looking good to go, press "Create Form" to finish the process. 

Installing a Lead Capture Form

  • You may then decide if you wish to install this form on your Facebook page or website.  

  • You may do that now by pressing "Install Form" or save it for later and simply skip to "Add a New Lead".  

  • If installing the new form, you will need to determine how you would like to be notified by Email when a New Lead is received.

  • The "Message" field is fully customizable and will be the message displayed to your new lead after they have successfully filled out the form.  Alternatively, you may redirect your lead to a URL after the form has been filled out or set it as "Do Nothing".  When you are ready, click on "Save & Continue".  

Facebook Lead Capture: 

  1. If you wish to add to your Facebook page, you will want to make sure your Facebook account is open in another tab and that you are logged in.  

  2. Press the "Add Form to Your Facebook Page" and you will be guided through the setup.  

Website Lead Capture:

If you would like to install it on your website, you have three options:

  • Link to Dialog Form

  • Embed Form on a Website Page

  • Add Link to Open 17hats Hosted Form

To install on your website, you would simply copy the code displayed and insert it into your website editor:

Adding New Leads Manually 

To add a new lead into 17hats manually, you have two options:

  • Use Lead Capture Forms: This will allow you to enter all the information into a pre-existing Lead Capture Form, which will then create both the contact record AND project for you.

  • Use Basic Contact Form: This will allow you to create a contact record with any information related to that contact, but will not auto-generate a project, or ask you for any project details. 

Lead Overview Screen: 

  • You will see any new (Needing a response) and active Hot Leads 

  • What stage of the lifecycle they may be in 

  • See recent lead activity

  • Add leads manually

  • Export or Import new Leads

  • View ALL leads (Cold Prospects/Hot Leads/Archived)

  • Search by Tags

  • Sort Leads by Project Date/Lead Date/Next Due Date

  • Access to your Lead Capture Forms (Install + Edit)

Please note that the lead capture wizard will only show for new users the first time a lead capture form is created.

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