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* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

The 17hats Client Portal is a convenient way for your clients to access and complete all the 17hats type documents you've sent to them. It's a secure location where your customers can accept quotes, sign contracts, complete questionnaires, pay invoices and view event details; all without having to dig through emails to find the document they need!

A portal is created for each contact that is added in the platform. All sent documents within active projects for that contact will be displayed by default. If you signed up for 17hats prior to 2018, you will need to enable Client Portal Access by turning the toggle on within each project page.

To get a more in-depth view of the portal, watch the video below.

The Client Portal can be customized on a global scale, or turned off completely. To access your Client Portal Global Settings, go to your Account Settings and click the Client Portal tab. 

Client Access

  • For existing contacts (Prior to client portal launch) you will need to activate their portal within their project. The portal will automatically be active for all new contacts.

  • All contacts will have their own client portal, with access to all projects associated with that contact. Clients may filter the documents by project in the Client Portal. Note: if you wish to hide specific document types or projects from the Client Portal, read more here!

  • Any documents that have been sent to your contact, (or marked as sent), will show up in the Client Portal by default. If they have not been sent (still drafts), they will not appear.  The exception to this would be completed documents. If your client completes a Questionnaire for example, regardless of if it has been sent, it will appear in their Client Portal.

  • Clients are able to edit their own personal information in the client portal if allow client edits has been toggled on, including contact info, birthday, social media, etc. but they cannot edit any event details or documents.

  • Optional PIN protection can be added for each of your clients, and a token-ized email will send them the link and appropriate PIN - this is optional, not required.

  • You may add quotes, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices to the Client Portal, but email correspondence lives only in the project page inside 17hats.

  • Clients cannot upload documents to their Client Portal.


  • Clients cannot upload documents to their Client Portal.

  • Files on the Client's Project will not be displayed in the Client Portal.

  • If you wish to add files to the Client Portal, they will need to be hosted elsewhere (GoogleDrive for example), with a link to the document(s) added to the Client's custom 'Welcome Message.'

Multi-User Permissions

All Admin-level users will have access to the Client Portal. Team Members who have permissions to view contracts, invoices, and quotes enabled will be able to view and access the client portal for all contacts. To block a user (Team Member) from seeing the client portal, just disable one or all three of those permissions. 

For more information on customizing your Client Portal Global Settings, please click the button below.

Click the following button to learn how to customize your Client Portal for a specific contact.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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