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How to Create & Manage Document & Email Templates
How to Create & Manage Document & Email Templates
Learn how to create & manage reusable email and document templates!
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Templates are the backbone of automating your business. They are a clean base copy of any email or document you'd send to a contact regularly. They can be reused for any contact or in Workflow Templates to save you time and streamline your process. 

Easily access your Document & Email Templates under Account Settings > Documents & Emails template tab. 

You can also use the shortcut button located at the top right of the current page you're on. 

Once you've accessed your Documents & Emails template page, you can review ,edit, or create any template needed. 

To create a new template, click on the "new template" button and select the type of document or email you'd like to create. 

You'll also be able to filter any previously saved templates by clicking the "filter" button and choosing the type of document you want to view. 

All templates are organized alphabetically, or numerically by document type. We recommend naming each template by service type, process, and type. For example, for a dog walking report, I'd name my email template Dog Walking - Fulfillment - Your Dog Report. "Dog Walking" refers to the service provided, Fulfillment refers to the process your contact is in (Lead, Booking, Onboarding, or Fulfillment), and Your Dog Report indicates what the email would be used for. 

You may also want to include numbers, so it's easier to see the order an email sequence may go out. 

To Learn more about creating emails and documents, click the buttons below for the type of template you'd like to create. 

Feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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