Recommended Calendar Setup
Learn what calendars we suggest creating or connecting in your 17hats account.
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While you can have as many calendars as you’d like, we recommend creating a calendar for Leads, Booked or Paid Clients, and To-Do & Workflow Items. Along with these three main calendars, we suggest keeping your marketing, social media efforts, personal events, and other aspects of your life and business on separate calendars. This aids in organization and makes it easier when using other features of 17hats, such as Online Scheduling. 

You can organize your calendars even further by numbering or labeling them and assigning each calendar with a different color. To do so, click the triangle on the far left of the connected calendar.

When assigning an event or project to a calendar, each will appear in alphabetical, or numerical order . You may however set a Default Calendar if you plan to utilize the same calendar more often than not. 

All events assigned to that calendar will appear in that calendars prescribed color. 

Once you’ve created your calendars, you can then automate other features of 17hats. We recommend assigning all Lead Capture Forms to your Leads Calendar. As potential customers fill out those forms, their projects will automatically appear on that calendar. 

When you create a workflow template, assign each to the To-Do/Workflow Calendar. Within your workflow template, add an action step to move the project to the Booked/Paid calendar once your customer pays an invoice or signs a contract. 

Now that you’ve organized your calendars and can keep a better eye on your projects and events, let’s get you paid by learning out bookkeeping works in 17hats and updating your Invoice Options. 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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