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Lead Capture Form Details
Learn how to setup notifications, set the calendar your lead projects populate to and more!
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For each Lead Capture Form, you’ll define nine settings. You can set different details for each form because we recommend creating separate LCFs for each location you gather Leads. The nine form detail settings you’ll set are:

  1. The title of the form

  2. How you want to be notified

  3. What auto-response should go out, if any

  4. The Calendar the project created will be assigned to

  5. If you’re going to start a workflow

  6. If you’re going to start a lifecycle

  7. What happens after your Lead submits the form 

  8. What message should be displayed, if any

  9. What tag should be added to the contact

You can also update the colors of the button on the form, and the font and background the form appears on. Below, you’ll get an overview of each setting you can define on each form. 

Your Lead Capture Form can have any custom title you chose. As mentioned previously, we recommend titling the form with the location the form will be placed. (i.e., Facebook, Website, Email Campaign)

A Dashboard notification will show up automatically appear within the “Let’s Take Care of Business…” section. You can also select the option for email notifications when someone fills out your Lead Capture Form. 

We also have dedicated iOS and Android apps which you may download directly to your phone as well. The added benefit of the iOS and Android apps would be push notifications when you have a client complete a Lead Capture Form.

The auto-response setting will send a confirmation message the first time someone fills out your form. Instead of using this auto-response, we recommend triggering a Workflow Template from a “Choose from a list” question. You can have the workflow send a welcome email that includes a questionnaire, so it goes out each and every time someone uses this form. 

The Calendar setting allows you to select the Calendar the project event will be added to. To find your leads easier, create a calendar called “Leads or Request to Book” and assign all Lead Forms to it. To read more on how we recommend setting up your calendars, please click here. 

Lifecycles give you a visual representation of where your Lead is at in your Client Experience. Choose a lifecycle to start when your lead form is filled out, or use the starter lifecycle pre-created upon sign-up.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

Workflows allow you to automate the steps you usually take to work with a contact and complete their event, service, or project. This setting will enable you to add a workflow that automatically starts any time this lead capture form is filled out.

You can alternatively start a different workflow from a “choose from a list” question within the form. We recommend adding a question to see what service the potential customer is most interested in. Depending on their answer, a specific workflow tailored to the service will start. 

To learn more about how we recommend using workflows to automate your client experience, click here. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

After submitting the form, you can select what appears to your Lead next. You can either have them directed to a different webpage, see a customized message, or have the form refresh by doing nothing. 

Contact Tags
Tags are bits of data used to group contacts or projects. The tag is typically no more than one to three words and describes where, how, or when you captured a lead. By adding tags, you can quickly locate all contacts or projects with that same tag later on. 

Adding a tag within the Form Details section generates a tag onto your Leads contact record. We recommend adding two tags to each Lead Capture Form contact tag: The current year and the location the form is being used. 

The current year tag allows you to see all the leads you receive in a given year. You would need to update this Lead Capture Forms tag yearly. The location the form is being used tag allows you to see which form is getting the most traffic. 

What's Next?
Once you’ve finalized your form details, added the questions you want your Lead to answer, you can install your form! Click the button below to see how you can install your Lead Capture Form.

To learn more about setting up each type of Lead Capture Form, Workflows, or Managing your Leads, click the buttons below.

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat and Email Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm PST.

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