Lead Management Process Overview
Learn how to organize and automate your Client Experience for potential customers and new Leads.
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The Lead Management Process allows you to organize, systemize, and automate working with new customers. Never worry about missing a lead or rush to respond by using three key features of 17hats.

The Lead Management Process starts by capturing leads with our Lead Capture Form (LCF). The LCF works just like your existing contact form with some added functionality! Not only will you get a notification that someone is interested in working with you, but a contact record and project will also automatically be created within 17hats. 

We recommend asking only four to six questions on your Lead Capture Form. This makes filling out this form a quick process, which makes it more likely the lead will give you their details! 

We suggest asking for their:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Service they’re interested in

  • Event Date

  • Referral Source

You’ll always have to ask for the leads name, and email address as those are used to create or update the contact profile in 17hats. 

Next, you’ll want to learn more about your lead and thank them for reaching out. Using our Workflow feature, send a welcome email that includes a questionnaire! The welcome message should thank them for contacting you, give them information about your service/product, and give them average sale information to avoid sticker shock. 

Because this email will include a link to a questionnaire, be sure to add a clear call to action. This way, your lead will know they need to complete the document to move forward in the process. 

Think of it as an interview process. After reading their answers, you should know if they’re going to be a great client. Or that there are too many red flags and they’d be a better fit for someone else. 

The questionnaire should be four to six questions and should give you a better understanding of your Leads’ needs. We suggest using open-ended questions. For example, “Please describe ...” or “What are your main concerns regarding ...”. The questionnaire also allows you to vet your lead and make sure they’re a good fit to work with you. 

Once your lead completes their questionnaire, it’s time to follow-up! Give your lead a call, or send them an email to let them know if you’d like to move forward, or have a recommendation of someone else who would be a better fit for them.

Your final step of your Lead Management workflow should be to either begin your Booking Process Workflow or archive the contact and project. Check out our Booking Process overview if you’d like to move forward and turn your lead into a paying client!

To learn more about setting up each of these features that automate your Lead Management Process, click the buttons below. 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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