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How To Connect Your Google Calendar?
How To Connect Your Google Calendar?
Learn how to connect your Google Calendar
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To help keep your business organized, we recommend using the Calendars within 17hats. If you are a Google Calendar user, you can connect your Google Calendar to your 17hats brand to ensure all stays synced.

Why Connect Google Calendars

By connecting your Google Calendar, your changes and additions made in Google Calendars will be seen in your 17hats brand and vice versa. If you make changes in your 17hats brand, those changes will be seen on your Google Calendar. This is called a 2-way sync.

How to Connect Your Google Calendars

  1. Create the different calendars needed inside your Google Calendar.
    Pro Tip: We recommend creating a Calendar for Leads, Booked Clients, and To-Dos.

  2. In your 17hats brand, navigate to the Calendar Setting in your Account Settings.


  4. Enter your Google Username and click Connect.

Google Calendar Process

Next, you'll be directed through Google's authentication process.

  1. Give 17hats access to your Google Account. Follow the prompts and click the "Allow" button when directed. 

  2. If you have multiple calendars in your Google Account, select which calendars you would like to sync.
    Tip: You can change the calendars synced at any time.

  3. Press Save.

You will notice that all the titles of your Google Calendars within your Google Account are viewable from inside the Calendar Section of Account Settings 17hats. However, only the synced will be marked as Active, for the Status will be viewable from inside Calendars.


Q: Once connected, how long does it take for my Google Calendars to Sync?

A: Depending on how many events you have on your Google Calendar, it can take several minutes. We recommend giving 5-10 minutes.

Q: Can I connect several different Google Accounts?
A: No. Only one Google Account can be connected at a time. However, you can have multiple calendars synced from that Google Account.

Because you can only connect ONE Google Account, attempting to connect additional Google Accounts will disconnect any previous connections.

Solution: If you need to connect multiple Google Accounts, we recommend sharing your calendars through Google to the Google account connected to 17hats. Then those calendars can sync through your Google Account Connection.

Q: What if someone shares their Google Calendar with me? Can that shared calendar be synced to 17hats?
A: Yes, calendars shared within Google can be synced to 17hats. This is also a great solution if you need to sync multiple Google Accounts.

Q: I've been told that I can use Google as an intermediate connection between 17hats and another calendar application like Apple Calendars. Where can I learn more?


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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