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How to Share a 17hats Calendar to other Calendar Softwares such as Apple Cal
How to Share a 17hats Calendar to other Calendar Softwares such as Apple Cal
Easily create a link to your 17hats calendar and create a calendar subscription in your favorite calendar softwares.
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Calendars will help your business stay organized. All Project Dates, Online Scheduling Bookings, Events, Workflow To-Dos and To-Do can be placed on a calendar to ensure you are not double booking or overloading yourself.

You can create Calendars inside 17hats, connect to your Google Calendar, or use a combination of both. By using a 17hats Calendar, you will be able to share each Calendar to Apple Calendar or your favorite calendar software.

By creating a New Calendar Subscription, you allow your calendar entries from 17hats to be viewable. This is especially great if you are an Apple lover, as you can easily see upcoming events on your Apple Watch and Phone.

How to Share Your 17hats Calendar

  1. From inside the Calendar Section of 17hats. Click on CALENDARS in the top right corner.

  2. From there select the Calendar you would like to share.
    Note: You can only share one Calendar at a time.

  3. Once selected, click Share Calendar Link.

  4. Copy the link provided.

Now you are ready to add your 17hats Calendar as a subscription in your Calendar app such as Apple Calendars, Outlook and Office 365.

  1. Locate the Add New Calendar Subscription option from Apple Calendar or other Calendar App.
    Note: For Apple Calendars this option is under File on the top left.

  2. Paste the link from step #4 above and click subscribe.

You're done! All your events, past, present and future should populate to your calendar. Now your 17hats Calendar will be displayed in your Apple Calendar.


Q: If I add an event to my 17hats Calendar will it automatically appear on my Apple Calendar?
A: Yes, it will. Because it is a subscription any changes applied inside 17hats will reflect on Apple Calendars.

Q: If I make changes to my Apple Calendar will it reflect in 17hats?

No. Again, because Apple Calendar is subscribing to 17hats Calendars and not the other way around, changes in Apple Cal do not reflect in 17hats Calendar.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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