To help keep your projects organized, we recommend using the calendar feature within 17hats. We advise creating a calendar for Leads, Booked or Paid Clients, and To-Dos and Workflow items. 

If you have more than one Google calendar, you can connect each calendar you own, or that has been shared with you as long as you are given "Managing & Sharing" permissions in Google. 

Calendars with "Managing & Sharing" permissions will be displayed under the "My Calendars" section of your Google Calendar as shown below:

If you need to create an additional Google Calendar, please click here to view Google's instructions. Need to share a calendar? Just click here.

Once you have other Google calendars showing within the "My Calendars" section, you can connect those within 17hats. 

To do so, navigate to your calendar settings tab within account settings. If this is your first time connecting a Google Calendar, click the 'Connect Google Calendar' button and enter your Google Email address.

If you already have a Google Calendar connected, use the "Google Cal Settings" button and choose the "Update Password" option that appears.

Once you enter your google calendar credentials in the pop-up that appears, you'll be taken through Google's authentication process. Be sure to hit the "Allow" button to connect. 

Once you go through Google's authentication process, you'll be prompted to choose the Google Calendars that appear within the "My Calendars" section of your main Google Calendar. Check off any of the calendars you wish to sync into 17hats.

The Calendars that you select will appear as "Google" Type calendars and show the date the calendar last synced new events.

Any calendars you did not select will show as Disabled. You can re-enable them as needed using the arrow icon at the end of the row.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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