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Google Calendar Sync Explained
Google Calendar Sync Explained
How the two way sync between 17hats and Google Calendar works!
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17hats has a Two-way sync with Google Calendars, which means you can have your events created in 17hats sync to your Google calendars and vice versa!

There are two types of calendars in 17hats: 17hats-type calendars and Google-type calendars.

Events on a 17hats-type Calendar do not actually sync to Google; only events assigned to a Google-type calendar will actually sync to the corresponding Google calendar in your Google account. We suggest creating any calendars you would like to have in 17hats in Google first before you connect your Google Calendar to 17hats. You will have the option to choose which of your Google calendars you would like to sync during the connection process.

Note: Some prefer to have only their BOOKED clients sync to their Google calendars, so they leave their LEADS calendar as a 17hats type calendar so that Leads only show up in 17hats until they become a Client and move to the Booked Calendar!

Remember that neither TO-DO items nor Workflow Reminders will not sync to Google, so there is no need to create a To-Do calendar in Google; that can be a 17hats type calendar as well.

Once you have created and synced your Google calendars, you will then be able to start assigning events to those calendars! Any events assigned to a Google-type calendar will also sync to that Calendar in your Google account. Also, any event added to any of those calendars in your Google account will sync into 17 hats.

You can set your Google calendar as your default calendar to make things easier!

Ready to start using your Google Calendars with 17hats?


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