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Lead Source Reporting in 17hats with Online Scheduling
Lead Source Reporting in 17hats with Online Scheduling
On Standard and Premier plans, track the sources providing you with leads in 17hats to help focus your sales and marketing.
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You can track the sources that send you leads in 17hats to understand which sources are the most valuable to your business. You will see how many leads each source is sending you over a given timeframe under Leads --> Reporting.

Lead Source Reporting is available on Standard and Premier Membership Plans of 17hats.

How it works

1.) Visit the Reporting section under your Leads tab.

2.) Start by adding your first Lead Source.

Common examples would include: Google, Instagram, Yelp, or Facebook.

Once you have added your first Lead Source, you are able to add additional sources, up to 25 sources total.

Pro Tip: On the Reporting page, Lead Sources will always be sorted alphabetically.

3.) Add a Lead Source question to your Online Scheduling Service.

Visit Account Settings --> Online Scheduling and either create a new Online Scheduling Service or access an existing service.

Scroll to Service Questions and make sure that section is toggled on. Add a Lead Source type of question and choose whether the question is required or optional.

Lead Source questions will automatically map to a Project Field. You can add Contact or Project Tags to each Lead Source. Read more about using Tags here.

You may drag and drop the question to change the order of questions on your Online Scheduling Service. Only one Lead Source type of question is allowed per Online Scheduling Service.

Any previously embedded Online Scheduling Calendars will be automatically updated to include the question.

Pro Tip: You may drag and drop the order of the Lead Sources on a Lead Source question per Online Scheduling Service.

4.) Review your Lead Source results.

When a new Lead books an Online Scheduling Service, you can see the Lead Source under Project Details on the Project.

The Lead Source will automatically be tracked under your reporting section of the Lead's tab in the left rail. You can click on any green Lead Source results in the chart to view a list of the Projects associated with the Lead Source. Clicking on the Contact or Project Name will take you to the Project.

Please note: Lead Sources are tracked by the date the Project is created. You may adjust the date range using the Quick Select dropdown or Calendar view in the upper right corner of the reporting screen.

If your Online Scheduling Service is being added to an existing Project, the Lead Source will be tracked based on the date the Project was created, not the Booking date.

How would I use this feature?

Use Lead Source Reporting to track which sources are sending you the most leads. If a source is sending a lot of leads, it may be worth increasing your presence with that source. Knowing your top referring sources will help you focus your marketing to help boost your sales.


Q: How many sources may I have?

A: You may have up to 25 sources total (Active, Inactive, Archived)

Q: Do Inactive or Archived Sources show as options on my Online Scheduling question?

A: No, only Active Sources appear on the Lead Sources question.

Q: If I add or remove a source from Active Sources, will my Online Scheduling automatically update?

A: Yes, your Online Scheduling Service will automatically include or remove sources based on Active Sources. Newly added sources will be added to the bottom of an Online Scheduling Lead Source question.

Q: Can I change the order of Lead Sources on the Reporting page?

A: No, Lead Sources will always sort alphabetically on the Reporting page.

Q: Can I change the order of Lead Sources on a Lead Source question?

A: Yes, you may drag and drop the Lead Sources into your desired order on each Online Scheduling Lead Source question.

Q: I don't see a Lead Source type of question on my Online Scheduling Service, why not?

A: There are two possibilities:

  • Sources must be added under the Reporting tab before the question is available.

  • If you have already asked a Lead Source type of question on this Online Scheduling Service, it cannot be asked a second time on the same Online Scheduling Service.

Q: Is Lead Source Reporting available on all levels of 17hats?

A: Lead Source Reporting is available on the Standard and Premier Levels of 17hats.

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