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Online Scheduling Payments
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When using Online Scheduling to book client appointments, there may be circumstances when you desire to require payment prior to confirming the appointment. If you use Square or Stripe as your merchant account, you may request payment on your Online Scheduling Session prior to the client booking!

In order to utilize this option, you must ensure the merchant account is properly set and the Online Payments option is enabled within your Online Scheduling Service.

1. Connect Payment Provider

Connect your Stripe (with Credit Card payments enabled) or Square under Invoice Options.

2. Enable Online Payments

Navigate to your existing Service in Online Scheduling (click here to view) or Add a Service. Within the Online Scheduling Service, enable Online Payments by toggling the option to the ON position.

Note: Online Payment is a per-service option; meaning you must set it up with each specific Service you offer which requires payment.

3. Select Your Product/Service

Create a new Product/Service or add an existing one to your Online Scheduling Service. A Product/Service is necessary to calculate tax and keep Bookkeeping up to date.

Advanced Tip: The Online Scheduling Service description field helps you to clarify what it is a client is paying for when they review their Invoice. If you toggle on the Use the service description on the Invoice, it will pull the Online Scheduling Service Description to display on your client's Invoice, which is viewable after booking:

4. Add/Select Tax Rate

You may then opt to add a Sales Tax Rate (either existing or create or add new rate).

5. Payment Amount

Select the payment amount as either full or partial amount due (fixed dollar amount or a percentage):

If choosing a 'Fixed Amount' or 'Percentage', you will need to determine what those requirements are (and when you would like the remaining balance due) before pressing Save. Your Online Scheduling payments should now be properly set-up!

6. Availability Schedule

To finish the process, add that session to your Availability Schedule for your clients to book.

Note: If your Availability Schedule already exists and you just adjusted your service, there is no need to re-add your Service to the Schedule.


Once your client goes to book that specific Session, they will now be required to make the payment before they are able to book πŸ‘

When your client selects a scheduling session and time slot, they will be prompted to enter their contact information along with payment information:

After Booking:

- Contacts will be able to view the Invoice from the Booking Confirmation page.
- An Invoice will be automatically created and viewable within the Contact's Project, Client Portal, your Documents Tab, and Recent Client Activity.
- If Invoice Confirmations are turned on in Email Settings (here), your client will receive a Payment Confirmation email.
- Payments will automatically be reflected in Bookkeeping.


If my Contact Reschedules the Booking, will the Invoice Due Date update?
- Yes. If the booking is rescheduled and a partial payment was taken upon Booking, the Invoice will automatically update based on the new booking date.

If my Contact Cancels, will the payment be refunded?
- No. 17hats does not process any invoice payments or refunds. You will need to log in to your Merchant Account/Payment Processor and complete the refund yourself (and make the necessary adjustments within 17hats).

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-5pm PST.

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