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Online Scheduling: Setup Part 2 - Availability Settings
Online Scheduling: Setup Part 2 - Availability Settings
Learn the steps to setting up your Availability Settings, and get your Booking URL within the Online Scheduling feature in 17hats
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The Online Scheduling tool (OS) will allow your contacts to easily schedule an appointment, consultation, event, session, etc. all with a few clicks of a button. 

Contacts will be able to book an appointment using the link provided through an email, or you can embed your schedule to your website. Once they select their preferred date, they’ll get a confirmation email and you can even trigger a workflow to further automate your client experience. 

Now that you have created a service, it is time to add it to an availability schedule. Haven't created a service yet? Click here to see how.

This is where you decide when you want to show open-time slots available to book for your service(s). Please note, this is very flexible!  You can create schedules for a specific time period, or indefinitely. You can also delete certain days just by clicking on that day.

To start, click "Add Schedule"

Step 1: Name & Services

Availability Calendar Name: This will be the name of this Schedule.

Services Available on This Schedule: Choose which of your Services you wish to show as available to book within this specific schedule

Note: this is how it will appear when using more then 1 Service for an Availability Schedule:

Step 2: Team Members

This section is only available for 17hats users who use our Multi-User Feature. 

Enable which team members are available to book with this schedule. If you are wanting to group the entire team as a whole with each service, then you can choose that option "Group Team When Booking Service" once more than 1 team member is selected. 

Example: User A is training with Owner Doug, you want them to both be booked together (and each of their calendars cross-checked) for every booking on this schedule. Use the settings below:

Step 3: Calendar Check

This is where you will decide which calendars in 17hats will be used to cross-check for your availability. If you have Multi-Users, you will see their Calendars here as well. If selected, their calendars will only be used when booking that specific Teammate. 

Override The Following Availability Schedules
This setting won't be used until you have more then 1 Availability schedule. Should you have 1 schedule that trumps another, you can choose to override it here.  

Step 5: Booking Limitations

This is where you will setup any limits you want put on scheduling, rescheduling and canceling your bookings. 

Step 6: Calendar Availability Rules

This is the final step, and maybe the most important! This is where you put the dates/times that are available to book the services you selected above for this schedule.

Note: At least 1 Availability Rule is required before you can save this Schedule. 

When adding a rule, you will need to choose the following:

Start date: When do you want this schedule to start showing as available to book?
Times: Start and End time for your availability each day
             > Tip: If you need different times per day of the week, just add                 separate rule to this schedule for each day!
Repeats: None, Weekly, Monthly
              > Tip: Use Weekly to see your Daily repetition options 

Repeat every:    
If Weekly: Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks    
If Monthly: Month, 2 months, 3 months        

Repeat on:
If Weekly: The Days of the Week will show as options
If Monthly: The Date per Month, or that Day of the Week per month                         (based on your start date)

Once you save, you will see the availability slots show up on your calendar within your settings. 

Need to delete just 1 date in an Availability rule? Just click on that date! This will create an exception to your rule and not allow it to be booked. 

Need to remove that exception? Just click on it again to remove: 

Users also have the ability to add multiple rules to their schedule:

Example of someone with different Weekday and Weekend Availability:

That's it! Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save this schedule and get your Scheduling URL to share and get booked!


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Need more help? Contact our Support Team via Chat, or Email us at

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