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Money Matters - Products & Services Page
How can I manage my previously created invoice/quote products (and create new ones)?
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The 17hats Products & Services page allows you to create and save your most commonly purchased items. Once saved, you can quickly add each item on Quotes and Invoices by typing in the name of the stored product or service within the line item.

You may view, edit, duplicate, create new, and delete your invoice/quote products from within your Account Settings > "Products & Services" tab listed under "Money Matters.

You can also create line-item discounts, or reward items by saving a negative valued line item, as shown below.

As you create your Quotes and Invoices, you can save line items as you go.  To save as you go, check off the "Save this item for use later" option when adding a new line item to your document.  Once saved, it will appear within your Products & Services page for any future edits needed. 

Once you’ve added your most frequently purchased products and services, start using them! To add a saved item from the Product & Services section within your Account Settings, type the name within the “item” field.  A list of matching results will then appear for you to select and auto-fill the following fields. 

If you end up deleting something from the Products & Services page, it will NOT be removed from any previously created invoices or quotes. It will no longer appear in the list of matching results when auto-filling line items.
Now that you’ve added your Products & Services, you’ve completed the main setting pages that will help get the most out of 17hats! To put it all into action, check out our collection that outlines our Recommended Process. 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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