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Client Portal - Giving Contacts Access
Client Portal - Giving Contacts Access
Learn the various ways to give your contacts access to their very own client portal!
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The 17hats Client Portal is a convenient way for your clients to access and complete all the 17hats type documents you've sent to them. It's a secure location where your customers can accept quotes, sign contracts, complete questionnaires, pay invoices and view event details. All without having to dig through emails to find the document they need. 

To give your contact access to their portal, you'll need to either manually send the a link to the portal, or use a workflow to automatically send this information as needed.

  • Tip: If you'd like to hide certain Projects or specific Document types from your client's Client Portal, you may do so! Read more here!

Each portal has a pre-created email template that can be used to manually send the email. You can send your contact the link to their Client Portal along with their password, using the "E-mail Link" button. 

The e-mail template will open as a pop up and can be customized as needed. 

This template has been set up for both contact's with passwords & without passwords. You do not need to edit the message if your contact does not have a password. The platform will automatically remove the password information if you do not set a password. 

Once sent, the green boxes called tokens, will auto-fill with your contacts information. 

If you would like to automate sending the portal to your contacts, we recommend using a workflow. For the workflows we recommend setting up, please click the button below. 

Within your workflow, you'll add an action step to send an email. Simply select the Client Portal email automatically created, and then set the rest of the fields to your preferred settings. 

That email can then go out automatically or upon your approval. All without having to remember to do so!  

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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