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To begin your using 17hats and officially start your shortcut to success, let’s get familiar with the platform. We’ll go into more details along the way, so sit back, relax, and get ready to calm the chaos with this quick tour of the main pages of your 17hats account. 


Upon logging in, your Dashboard will appear. This is your primary source to find out what to accomplish for the day. 

You’ll get a quick view of your upcoming events and see any tasks, documents, and emails you may need to follow-up on. 

Top Toolbar

The toolbar located on the top of your page will allow you to search any contact, start a timer, and quickly access your Documents & Emails Template page, Help Center and Account Settings. 

  1. Contact Search Bar: to pull up any contact, type in the first few letters of their name in this search bar. You can also search by last name, phone number, company name, or email address. 

  2. Timer: this is where you can activate a new timer, pause/stop an active timer, or view your ongoing time for an active timer.*

  3. Documents & Emails: this button is a shortcut to your “Documents & Email” Template page. 

  4. Help & Support: this button will open up a new window in your browser to our Help Center articles as well as our Video Tutorial Center.

  5. Account Settings: An easier way for you to get to your Account Settings and update anything you need. 

  6. Your Account: from here, you can go into your Account Settings, access or create a separate brand/account for Multi-Brand, or log out of your 17hats account.

*Please note that the timer module is an add on, it's not included in any of the plans by default!

Contacts & Leads

17hats is a Contact-based system. A Contact is defined as anyone you communicate with and are classified into four types: Hot Leads, Clients, Cold Prospects, and Other. 

All contact types can be found on the Contact page and then filtered by type (Lead, Client, Prospect, Other). 

You’ll also be able to view Leads specifically on the Leads Page.


Projects give you a central location to see all communication, documents, and work you’re doing for a Contact. 

While there are many ways to access your Contact’s Projects, you can get a grid view of all your contact's projects on the Project main page:

You can also apply a list view filter of all projects:


With all your Projects and other tasks, the Calendar will give you one place to find out what’s on your schedule. 


Find all your due and upcoming tasks on the To-Do page. Easily create lists of tasks that aren’t associated with Projects and see what other users on your account are up to, all in one location.


The Documents page allows you to easily see the status of all your Quotes, Contracts, Invoices and Questionnaires. 


The Workflows feature allows you to automate all the typical tasks you tackle when working with clients. The Workflows page will give you an overview of all the tasks as Workflows are activated on your Contact’s Projects. 


Our Bookkeeping page allows you to connect to your online banking or credit card account. Once connected, they’ll automatically import your transactions to keep your accounts categorized. While these typically sync daily, some accounts sync weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

What’s next? Now that you’re familiar with the main pages of 17hats take a more in-depth look at The Basics of 17hats.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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