Lead capture forms allow you to automate the population of leads into 17hats and respond to leads quicker.

The first step is to create your lead capture form. To do so, navigate to your Leads tab and click the top right button: "Lead Capture Forms"

If you're a new client you'll be prompted to start managing your leads by creating your first form. 

If you've already created a form, you'll be able to edit or create a new form.

To add a new Lead Capture Form, select the + sign , which will prompt you to select Lead Capture Email; or Lead Capture Form 

Lead Capture Email: This is a method for bringing in new leads that inquire via: The Knot, ShowitFast, or Wedding Wire. Simply select the website, and which synced email address those inquiries come to, and 17hats will now monitor for new leads, adding them automatically when they come in. Please note, if you are not seeing the email address that you receive those inquiries, you will need to add the email address under "Email Accounts" in Account settings > Email Settings.

Lead Capture Form:
When filling in the lead capture form, you will have many options to customize the behavior surrounding your form.

Title: Your Lead Capture Form can have a custom title you chose. We suggest having the title coincide with where the form will be placed. (ie: Facebook, Website, Email Campaign)

Notification: 17hats Lead Capture forms can notify you each time a new Lead fills in your Lead Capture form. You can be notified via email, text (SMS), or both.

  • Note: it will text the number you have listed in Account Settings > My Profile > Mobile Phone, and the number must be listed in the ### ### #### format for US numbers, and +### ### #### for International numbers (no leading zeros)

Auto-Response: You can which "Auto-response" will be sent out each time your form is completed.  You can create/edit these from your templates tab, making sure the email you create is assigned as a "Lead Auto-Responder":

Calendar: Choose the calendar you would like events for this project to be added to.  Your leads will NOT see if there is a date conflict.

  • We suggest creating a 17hats calendar called "New Leads, or Request to Book" so that all your leads will not mix with booked projects that are most likely routing to your google/booked calendar. If you create this calendar as a 17hats calendar, it will only display on your calendar within 17hats. For more information about calendars, please see this article:

Lifecycle: Choose a lifecycle to always start when the lead forms are filled out. This can always be changed or replaced when a project begins.  You may use our Starter Lifecycle or create your own to best suit your business needs.

  • Note: You can have your project change calendars automatically in your lifecycle. For instance: Moving from your Lead Calendar to a Booked calendar upon a trigger such as "Contract Signed, or Deposit is paid".

Workflow: Add a workflow that automatically starts every time this lead capture form is filled out.

  • Note: you can also have different workflows start based on different answers to 1 question on your LCF. You will lose the ability to add a workflow on this "Edit Capture Form: tab if you are already using the Auto-Workflow add for a question within the form.

Message: After submitting, your lead can either see nothing, be directed to URL, or see a customized message.

Contact Tags: Applying Tag(s) will allow you to have a tag affiliated with your client the moment they fill out your form. If you use several Lead Capture Forms, we suggest your tags match with what form they filled out, allowing you to easily track where you are getting the most leads from.

Once you've added your form details, you can then update the questions on the form. 

Every lead form requires a name and email address which allows 17hats to automatically create a contact and project when the form is filled out. 

The rest you can customize with short and long answer, Yes/No, Choose from a list, Checkboxes, and Date questions.

We recommend using the "Choose from a list" question to list your services and allow 17hats to start a workflow specific to that service. 

Once finished, you can look at a preview of the form to see what it will look like once installed. 

Finally, install your form! Take a look at our lead overview article to see the different ways you can install your form. 

As always, if we can clarify anything feel free to reach out via Live Chat and we'll be happy to help out!

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