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Staying Organized in 17hats
Staying Organized in 17hats
Learn about the various ways 17hats can help you combat one of the biggest pain points of running a business - staying organized
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-- To Do --

A to do list never forgets. Click on TO DO from the features tab to see your to dos from your workflows as well as individual tasks created within your projects. You can create new lists and to dos directly from this page.

Working with multiple team members? You can filter your view of to dos by specific users' names by clicking on the "Show For: All" button. To learn more about our Multi-User feature, click here.

To dos that are checked off will stay tucked away under "Show Completed Items" so that they don't crowd your list but will remain available to you should you choose to revisit them in the future.

-- Calendar --

You can sync your Google calendar to your account and create as many native 17hats calendars as necessary. Here are some game-changing tricks from the pros that will allow you to prioritize, avoid potential scheduling mishaps and stay on top of project tasks better than ever:

  • Keep events like booked jobs and appointments on your synced Google Calendar.

  • Keep to dos and other notifications like client birthdays on a 17hats calendar.

  • Keep your tentative bookings on a separate calendar from your confirmed bookings to avoid any potential confusion.

Here's how the above calendar settings will look once they're in place:

See how much easier it is to differentiate between the different events? Separating your tentative events from your confirmed ones will also help prevent you from accidentally thinking that you're booked on a day when you're not. Learn more about setting up your calendars here.

-- Project --

Think of projects as file folders that house everything relating a specific contact. This means no more loose papers, lost notes on paper napkins and having to manually piece together your client communications from scratch. 

  1. Pull up detailed contact information by expanding this section.

  2. Create new projects or manage your contact and project information here.

  3. Use our lifecycle tool to track the progress of your project in stages that are meaningful to you. We'll talk more about lifecycles below.

  4. See which workflow and to do items are coming up in the next week for this project.

  5. Copies of your important documents (e.g. quotes, contracts, invoices, questionnaires) along with their current statuses will be shown here for you to easily access and reference.

  6. Store additional project information and track your client communications here.

  7. See your project details in a flash!

  8. Control your workflows and track their progress here.

  9. Obtain a quick snapshot of your income and expenses for the project.

  10. Save and access related contacts' information.

-- Workflows--

Let 17hats keep track of your past due and upcoming workflow tasks for you. Click on WORKFLOW from the features menu.

You can check off your project-related tasks and approve your documents/emails for sending right from this screen. Documents/emails can also be sent automatically on your behalf on a scheduled date. You can navigate easily into the respective project and workflow for each item by clicking on the appropriate link (shown in blue).

-- Lifecycle --

Lifecycles are visual progress bars that allow you to see at a glance, the status of your projects. For an overview of your projects, click on PROJECTS from the features tab, select your filter of "All," "Active," "Leads," or "Archived" projects. 

The green marker indicates that a particular stage has been completed and the gray marker indicates that a stage is currently still in progress.

Read more about how to create and assign a lifecycle here.

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat and Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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