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How to set up your calendars in 17hats
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One of the most important productivity features of 17hats is the Calendar. Here, you may add events, tasks, to-dos, reminders, as well as connect to our Online Scheduling feature and so much more.

We offer two types of calendars: 17hats calendars and Google Calendar integration. Using a Google Calendar will allow you to see the projects and events assigned to that calendar outside of 17hats, whereas 17hats calendars only sync appointments within 17hats.

Don’t use Google as your primary calendar? Don’t worry. You can use Google as an intermediary connection to most other calendar providers. Click here to learn more about this.

To begin setting up your calendars, go to your Account Settings > Calendar tab. When first setting up your calendars, we advise creating a separate calendar for Leads, Booked or Paid Clients, and To-Dos and Workflow items.

A 17hats default calendar is automatically created in every new account. We recommend using this calendar for your To-Do tasks and Workflow items. To quickly tell your calendars apart, update the name of this calendar to “To-Do & Workflow Items” using the edit dropdown like the example below: 

From this Calendars page, you may also start connecting or creating the calendars of your choice. If you have added users, you’ll also see your users calendars on this same page.

To add a new calendar, click the “Add New Calendar” button on the top right of Calendars section. To add your Google Calendar, click the “Connect Google Calendar” button in that same area. If you’d like to connect more than one Google calendar, click here for more info!

If events are not properly syncing, please check that your Google calendar is actively syncing within your Calendar Settings tab. You will also need to verify your events are assigned to the appropriate calendar. If you're still having trouble, please read our troubleshooting article here.

For more on our recommended calendar setup, click the button below to read the next article in this series:


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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