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Google Calendar Not Syncing
Google Calendar Not Syncing
What can I do if my Google Calendar is not syncing?
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If your Google Calendar doesn't seem to be syncing, don't fret! There are several ways to resolve this WITHOUT disconnecting it.

1. Make sure the items you are wanting to see in Google are Events and not To-Dos from 17hats. To-dos do not sync to Google. 

2. Ensure your events have been added to a calendar that is classified as a Google Calendar and not a 17hats calendar (which only show up in 17hats). Any event can be reassigned to a different calendar by clicking on the event, next select the "Calendar" drop down and choose the respective Google Calendar.

3. Verify that the calendar you added your event to has been synced. Go to "Account Settings", "Calendars": there should be a "last synced" date and time next to all the Google calendars.

4. Confirm you are only trying to connect 1 Google Account to 17hats. If you would like to connect more than 1, they must be listed as sub-calendars of the 1 Google Account. You can do this by changing your sharing permissions in Google for other calendars to: "Make Changes and Manage Sharing". For a more detailed step-by-step on how to do this, see here.

5. Confirm you are trying to sync only Sub-Calendars: Navigate to your Google Calendar on your desktop. Look to see what is listed under "My Calendars" and what is listed under "Other Calendars". Note: Only calendars listed under "My Calendars" will appear in 17hats. 

  • If it is listed under My Calendars, make sure it is checked off to sync with 17hats. Click "Google Cal Settings", then "Update Calendars to Sync". 

6. Request to Sync in 17hats: First, navigate to "Account Settings", and "Calendars".  Find your calendar that is not syncing and try simply hitting "Request Sync" on the already connected calendar. It might just need a little extra encouragement

7. Update Password: Click on "Google Cal Settings", then select update password. This will take you to the log-in screen for your Google Account, and hard refresh your calendar. 

**Again, it is important to remember NOT to delete your calendar.  If you delete your calendar, you will lose all that calendar's data, such as project dates.**

If your problems persist, be sure to reach out to and we'd be glad to help you out.

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