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Can I add more signatures to my contracts?
Can I add more signatures to my contracts?
Steps to adding additional names to be required signatures on 17hats contracts
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Contracts play an important part in your client experience. They provide a description of responsibilities both parties will perform, bind you and your contact to those duties or responsibilities, secure payment agreement, and provide a path of recourse if the relationship between you and your contact declines. 

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You may wish to have more than one signature on a contract, such as signature options for the bride and groom.  To add another signature, you first need to add the additional signee's as related contacts to your project. 

To add a related contact to a project, click the + button next to the "Related Contacts" section as shown below:

A pop-up will appear where you can enter the Related Contacts details.

Once you've saved the Related Contacts information, you'll be able to add them as an additional signee to the contract, send messages to them, and messages sent directly from them will be pulled into the project. 

To add a Related Contact as an additional signee, use the "Contacts" drop-down to the right of the signature line when creating the Contract. You'll be able to check off the other contact(s) names to allow them to sign the Contract too. 

Once added to the contract, click save and you'll see the additional signature on the preview that is displayed. 

When your Contacts are ready to sign, the primary contact will need to complete any necessary fields within the Contract and then sign. Once they do so, the secondary signee will be able to complete the Contract and sign. 


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