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Learn how to build Invoice templates for future use!
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To get paid for your products or services, you'll need to send an invoice to your contact. You may easily allow your customer to pay online by connecting to one of our Payment Merchant options.

You may create an invoice directly within a project, but we always suggest you create a Template within the Documents & Emails page. By saving an invoice template, you may then reuse it for any contact (or add it to a workflow!) 

Creating an Invoice Within your Documents & Emails Template Page

You may access your Invoice Templates within your Document & Email Template page under Account Settings > Documents & Emails template tab. 

You may also use the shortcut button located at the top right of the current page you're on. 

To create a new invoice template, click on the "new template" button, and select the invoice option.

Once you've generated your Invoice, you may update your Invoice options.

Invoice Options

The invoice options are where you'll add the title of the document for internal use, a display title your contact will see, the due date, purchase order number, notes, and any tax or discounts needed.

You'll also be able to disable online payments if needed, set a payment schedule, or opt to make the Invoice recurring

For more information on setting your Invoice Options, Payment Schedules, or Recurring Invoices, click the buttons below.

Keep in mind; you may not set a payment schedule and have an invoice set to recurring. You must select one of the options only. 

For Invoice Templates, you may set the due date to be X number of days, weeks, months, or years away. Then, anytime you use that invoice template, the due date will adjust for the specified timeframe. 

Adding your Line Items

Once your details are set within the Invoice Options header, it's time to add in your line items! To do so, click on the "Add" button.

If you have any products & services previously saved, you can auto-fill the line item! To do so, begin typing the desired line item name, and a drop-down menu of matching options will appear for you to select.

After you've added in your line item(s), you may then apply a payment plan if you choose. This will break the total of the Invoice into smaller payments. You must have at least one line item added to your Invoice for this option to be selected. 

As a reminder, you can not set a payment schedule and have an invoice recur. You must select one of the options only. 

Saving & Sending Your Invoice

Once you've added all line items, hit the "Save" button on the top right of the Invoice.

If you create your Invoice within the Documents & Emails page, you'll see it in the Invoices section in the list of all your saved Documents & Emails. 

Creating an Invoice Within a Project

You may also create an invoice directly from your contacts project page by clicking on the "Create New" button in the "Important Documents" section. Select the "invoice" option to get started.

When creating an invoice from within a project, you can also select a previously created template, or start from scratch.

If you're creating the Invoice from scratch, use the "save as new template" checkbox. Then, the template can used again at a later time.

If you created your Invoice within a project, a preview of the Invoice would appear. You can then click the "send invoice" button to craft the email to send the Invoice to your contact.

A pop-up will appear where you can then write a new email, or use a previously saved invoice email. 

It is important to note that invoice emails can only be used for invoices. If you do not see an email, go to your Documents & Emails template page to make sure the Email Type is listed as "Email (invoice_send)."  To learn more about Email Types, click the button below.

For more information on Document & Email Templates click the button below.

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm PST. 

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