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There may be times when you work with more than one person for a specific project. For example, if you are working on a wedding event, you may need to communicate with both the Bride and Groom, or the Bride and Mother of the Bride.  

Although each project can only have one main contact, you can add as many "Related Contacts" on each project as you'd like. This will allow you to easily add those parties on emails or have them sign a contract as needed.

To add a related contact you'll first need to go to the main contacts project. From the project overview page you'll have a Related Contacts section on the side-bar of the page. Click the "+" button on the bottom right next to the "Related Contacts" header to add a new, or existing contact. 

A  "Add Related Contact" pop-up will open where you can add the relevant details for the additional contact. 

If the contact is already in 17hats, their information can auto-populate simply by typing the persons name and selecting the contact from the drop-down that appears. When adding an existing contact, make sure to check off "Hide from client list" to avoid duplicate contact records being created. 

Once you've added your Related Contacts they can be sent questionnaires, quotes, contracts, invoices, or emails. They can also be added as a signee on a contract. To learn more about adding more than one signature to your contracts, click the button below.

Please note,
when sending a document to a related contact, the Main Contact will receive all confirmation emails for all signed/accepted/completed documents. Meaning, they will be notified anytime someone makes a payment, signs a contract, or accepts other documents sent from the project. 

If you DO NOT want the main contact to be notified when a documents is completed you will need to create a separate project for the Related Contact.


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