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How do I send an invoice receipt?
How do I send an invoice receipt?
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An email receipt is automatically sent to your client when they make an online payment.

The invoice balance will update as payments are applied. Once the balance is zero, the invoice will be stamped as "Paid" and the "Send Receipt" button will appear.

"Send Receipt" prompts an Email Window, and includes a link to your invoice form as a receipt. 

The system will default to sending the email template: "You have paid an invoice" and you can choose to customize it, or select a different template to use prior to sending.

"Preview" allows you to see your Client's view of the receipt & get the direct URL link for the document.

Note: The URL is specific to the invoice.

The "Print" button allows you to print out the form. Alternatively, you can also save the form as a PDF using the Print function.

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