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Workflow Base Dates
Workflow Base Dates
Learn what the Workflow Base Date refers to and what it's automatically set as.
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Workflows allow you to automate the tasks you usually take to complete a Project or service, and guides your contact through your client experience. 

The Base Date is the date the Workflow is going to use to determine when each step needs to be triggered or activated. Typically, the Base Date is the same as the Project Date, but can be set to any date as needed. For example, if you do a consultation call, you can use a reminder Workflow that uses that consultation call as the Base Date. 

When do I set the Workflow Base Date?

If a Workflow is started from a booking made through the Online Scheduling module, the Base Date will be automatically set to the date the Lead selected for their appointment. This stands in contrast to starting a Workflow from a Lead Capture Form, which will use the Project Date by default if one is set. If no Project Date is set, the Base Date will default to the date the Workflow was activated. For example, if someone were to fill out a Lead Capture Form on the 1st the Workflow would use the 1st as the Base Date.  

When you manually add a Workflow to a Project, you'll need to select the specific Workflow Template you wish to use and confirm the Base Date. 

Within the Workflow, you can have steps set to go out on, or around the Base Date. These options are displayed as "Before the Base Date", "on the Base Date", and "After the Base Date"

If you edit the Base Date after the Workflow is activated, steps using the Base Date will automatically adjust.

How do I edit an existing Workflow's Base Date?

  • Click on the Workflow in the Workflows section on the Project page:

  • In the top right of the page, click the Edit dropdown button and choose "Edit Workflow" from the menu:

  • Choose your new Base Date in the window that pops up:


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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