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17hats: Quickbooks Online Integration
17hats: Quickbooks Online Integration
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The Quickbooks Online integration will allow you to export any existing invoices from 17hats into QuickBooks.  New invoices get automatically synced to QuickBooks and then, any payments that are applied will also get synced.  This will allow you to have all your financial data in one place.  

Please note that this integration is currently only available to users inside the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Simply navigate to "Account Settings > Integrations".  Then press the "Connect to QuickBooks" button and you will be redirected to QuickBooks Online where you will be requested to enter your QuickBooks Online login information.  Once connected, you may click on the "Import Invoices" button (from within your account settings):

You may select individual invoices or select all and press the "sync" button to add to QuickBooks.  From this point on, all new invoices will sync automatically.  The above screen is for importing any older invoices if needed. 

The invoice will not be synced to QuickBooks until it has been sent to your client.  You may also view the invoice in QuickBooks by navigating to the invoice in question and pressing the "View Invoice in QuickBooks" link:

Doing this will open QuickBooks Online in a new tab and display the invoice.  If a payment is received in 17hats, it will also show in QuickBooks.  

Please keep in mind, expenses will not sync over to QuickBooks online and all banking/bookkeeping  should be handled directly within QuickBooks Online.

We also have a video walk-through for your convenience here.

Quickbooks Online:

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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