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Products and Services - Internal and Display Names
Products and Services - Internal and Display Names
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When setting up your Products and Services you can add an Internal Name OR you can add an Internal Name and a Display Name.

Internal Name:

  • Required

  • Used to organize your Products and Services in your Account Setting.

  • Shown on your Invoice and Quote IF a Display Name does not exist.

Display Name:

  • Optional

  • Shown on the Invoice and Quote for clients to see.

Why are Display Names important?

If you have have multiple revenue streams and offer the same Product or Service to two or more of them, you can:

  • Create multiple products of services of the same item.

  • Tie each item back to the it's appropriate transaction category.

  • Use a naming convention to organize your items (Internal Name)

  • Display a client friendly/professional name for the item on Invoices and Quotes (Display Name)

Get started setting your Internal and Display Name:

1. Navigate to Account Settings

Select Products & Services (click here to access if you're already logged in to 17hats) from the Account Settings menu under Money Matters:

2. Select the green "Add Product or Service" button

If you are editing an existing Product or Service, select the small down arrow button to the right of the Product or Service and choose "edit"

3. Add your Product or Service details

Enter an Internal Name that will allow you to track and organize your revenue streams.

Pro Tip - Naming conventions are a great way to keep 17hats organized. We recommend the following name conventions for Internal Names.

Revenue stream - Income Type - Description

  • Puppy Play Session - a la carte - In home Service

  • Puppy Spa Session - package - Deluxe Puppy Love

Add a Display Name and Description for your clients. You may use the same Display Name for multiple Products and Services.

Add the Price, Income Category, and any options that apply.

Save your new Product or Service.

Advanced Tip: By making the Internal Name specific to each Product/Service as well as each Income Category, you will be able to track how much income is being generated by each revenue stream of your business.

If you offer the same Product or Service for multiple Income or Transaction Categories, include that detail in the Internal Name.

4. Add Your Product or Service to a Quote or Invoice

When creating Quotes or Invoices with your Products or Services, you will see both the Display Name and the Internal Name while you are creating and editing the document. This will help ensure you are always adding the correct item if you are using the same Display Name for multiple Products or Services.

The Display Name will appear first and the Internal Name will appear second and inside parenthesis:

5. Save and Send your Quote or Invoice

Once you have created your Quote or Invoice, press the green Save button in the upper right corner. You will now only see the Display Name on the quote (or Invoice).

Press the green "Send Quote" (or Invoice) button to send the Quote (or Invoice) to your client or the white "Live View" button to view the Quote (or Invoice) as your client will see it:


Now you are more organized while maintaining professionalism with your clients!


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7 am - 4 pm PST. You can also check out other articles in our Help Center as needed.

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