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Learn how to setup email signatures within your account settings
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It is easy to forget that once the reader gets through the subject line and body of your email, there is one more chance to stand out.  A good email signature can be an extra opportunity to add that personal touch as well as continuing to drive your brand!  You may use an email signature, which can be automatically be included at the bottom of each individual email you send to your clients!

To setup or edit your email templates, simply navigate to "Account Settings" > "Email Settings" > "Email Signatures":

You can add a new signature and manage any previously created signatures within the Email Signatures tab.  To create a new signature, press the "Add New Signature" link.  You will then be prompted to enter a name for the signature as well as the body of the signature itself:

After this has been completed, press the "Save" button.  You may use the editor to add bold, italics, and other basic formatting.  For more advanced formatting, use the HTML tool!  You may read more on using HTML here

The first email signature on the list will be used as the default email signature.  You can drag and drop to organize this list, so that the most used signature is at the top default position.

Adding Your Signatures to Emails

When writing a new email, you will see a "Signatures" option where you can select any of your saved signatures. If you do not wish to have a signature, choose the none option.

When adding a signature to a Template, that particular signature will be used the next time that template sent to a contact.  You can always switch to a different signature when you send the email message. 


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