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Tag Management in 17hats
Tag Management in 17hats
Manage your Project and Contact Tags in 17hats
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Tags are the labeling system used inside 17hats. They can label Contacts and Projects. Tags are searchable inside 17hats, making them a powerful tool to help with organization.

You can manage the list of Tags you use by accessing Account Settings > Tag Management.

How It Works

There are three actions available to help you manage your Tags:

Rename a Tag

You can rename an existing Tag. Renaming a Tag will rename all of the active Tags on current and archived Projects and Contacts.

Please Note: If renaming a Tag that is applied via a "Choose One" Question on a Lead Capture Form or Questionnaire, you must delete and re-add the Tag for the new name to apply.

Merge two Tags

You can merge two Tags.

To do this:

  • Choose "Merge" on the Tag you no longer want to use. For example, "20202" as seen here.

  • A dialogue window will open. Select the Tag that you want to merge with the first Tag. For example, "2020" as seen here.

  • Press the green "save" button

All Contacts and Projects that previously used the first Tag will now have the second Tag.

Once two Tags are merged, this cannot be undone.

Pro-Tip: Merging Tags will update Tags in Workflow steps, Lead Capture Forms, and Online Scheduling.

Delete a Tag

You can delete Tags you no longer use. Before the Tag is deleted, you will be asked to confirm that you want the Tag to be deleted. Warning - this cannot be undone.

Please note that deleting a Tag set to be automatically applied via a Workflow step will not delete the Workflow step. No Tag will be applied, but the step will still exist.


Q: Who has access to Tag Management?

A: Only Account Owners have access to Tag Management.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Tags we can have?

A: No, there is no limit to the number of Tags you may use.

Q: Does the Tag count for Contacts/Projects include Archived Projects?

A: No, the count only shows the number of Tags applied to Active Contacts and Projects.

Tag Management is available on all levels of 17hats Membership: Essentials (Level One), Standard (Level Two), and Premier (Level Three)

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