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How to Add/Remove Tags in Bulk
How to Add/Remove Tags in Bulk
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It's essential to keep your 17hats account organized and clean, so you're not spending extra time finding documents, projects, clients, etc. and can focus on what you do best! 

One way 17hats helps you stay organized is with the ability to add (or remove) tags in bulk!

To be able to add or remove tags to more than one project, first open the main Project Page. You'll need to change the project view from the grid format, to the list format if it's not already set before moving forward.

Once you're in the list view, you can use the checkboxes to select the projects you'd like to apply tags to.

As soon as you select a project a "Bulk Actions" drop-down will appear so you can opt to add/remove tags, archive or delete projects, or apply workflows in bulk!

After you have selected the projects in question, you can press 'Add Tags' to add Project Tags, Contact Tags, or both:

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