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How to Change a Connected Google Calendar
How to Change a Connected Google Calendar
Learn how to connect a new Google Calendar account without losing previous event details
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You can only connect one primary Google Calendar account to 17hats. If you would like to connect more than one Google Calendar, please click the button below to learn how to do so. 

If you found you connected the wrong Google Calendar and would like to switch the primary account, keep reading! 

Before making any changes, please be aware that deleting any calendar within 17hats will delete ALL events and tasks assigned to the calendar. So you don't lose any data, you will need to move the events from your current Google Calendar, to the new Google calendar BEFORE deleting or connecting the new calendar. You can do this within your Google account, or in 17hats.

Moving Events in Google 

To streamline the process, you can move the events from your original Google calendar, to the new Google calendar. To do so, you must first share the new calendar with the originating calendar. 

Once shared, be sure you set the calendar permissions to "Make changes to events" OR "Make changes AND manage sharing" within Google. Once shared, you can then transfer the event to your new calendar. 

As these settings may change, please refer to the help articles provided by Google by clicking the buttons below.


Moving Events in 17hats

If you'd like to use a 17hats calendar to hold events before connecting your new Google Calendar we recommend creating a specific 17hats type calendar. This makes it easy to tell which events you want to reassign to your newly connected Google calendar. 

To create a new 17hats calendar, go to go to your Account Settings page and open the "Calendars" tab from the Settings menu. You can also click here to get there quickly if you're already logged into your 17hats account.  

Click the "add new" calendar to create your new 17hats type calendar. 

Next, go to your main calendars page. Open each event and use the "calendar" drop down to select where you'd like the event to go. 

To find events easier, you can filter your calendar view by clicking the "calendars" drop down


Connecting the New Google Calendar

Once you have moved all events from the Old Google Calendar onto your new Google Calendar or 17hats holding calendar, you can delete the existing Google Calendar from within 17hats. To do so, go to your Account Settings page and open the "Calendars" tab from the Settings menu. 

Remember, any event left on this calendar will be deleted. Be sure you've moved EVERYTHING before deleting a calendar.

Next, click the "Connect Google Calendar" button and enter your Google login information. 

If you've already moved your events within Google to the new calendar, the events will appear once synced! If these events are on a 17hats type calendar, you would then need to move the events to your new Google Calendar. Just as before, open the event and use the "calendars" drop down to select the appropriate calendar.

You can then assign each event to a project. To learn more about assigning events to a project, click the button below.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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