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Learn more about the header options within an Invoice
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Invoices allow you to get paid for your services! Once you have generated an Invoice either within a project or in your Documents & Email template page, you'll need to update your Invoice options.

The invoice options are where you'll add the title of the document for internal use, a display title your contact will see, the due date, purchase order number, notes, and any tax or discounts needed.

You'll also be able to disable online payments if needed, set a payment schedule, or opt to make the Invoice recurring. 

Display Title
You can add any title you'd like your customer to view when accessing the invoice. This helps them see what the invoice is for before looking at any of the line items. If you leave this blank, the word "invoice" along with the amount of the invoice will be displayed on the contact's preview. 

Invoice Number
An auto-generated number will automatically appear here. These numbers are unique to each document and cannot be reused, even if the invoice is later deleted. You can update this number prior to saving the invoice, but after the invoice is saved you cannot change the number. 

Following invoice numbers will increase one automatically. For example, if you use the invoice number "10", the next invoice you create will automatically be set at invoice number "11" unless you change it. Don't add any specific contact information, like their last name here, unless you are manually sending each invoice. Otherwise, you risk incorrect contact information appearing for other customers.

Due Date
This is where you will set your final due date. If you are adding a payment schedule, the final due date can be set within the schedule.

This option will allow you to apply the appropriate tax rate that will apply to any line item marked as taxable. You can later change which products/services are taxable and at each rate within the individual line items.

PO Number
You can enter in the relevant PO number here if necessary. 17hats does not generate the PO itself.

Add any details you'd like your contact to see. Text entered here will show up at the bottom of the invoice, right above the invoice footer.

Discounts can be applied as either a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of the total invoice balance. If you want to discount only one item, you will either need to manually lower the price, or add a negative line item. 

Online Payments
This option will automatically be selected if you have connected to a Payment Merchant. If you do not want to accept online payments on this invoice, uncheck this box.

For more information on the Online Payments we integrate with, click the button below.

Recurring Invoice
If you'd like for this invoice to be automatically sent on a continual basis, you can select this option. This will send a new invoice on the schedule you set. It will not automatically charge your clients card as we do not process payments ourselves. 

For more information on setting Recurring Invoices, click the button below.

Payment Schedule
You can include a payment schedule that gives breaks the total of the invoice into smaller payments. To enable this option, you'll first need to add in your line item(s). For more information on how you can set up a Payment Schedule, click the button below. 

Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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