Fulfillment Process Overview
Learn how to automate the tasks you complete to prepare, execute, and deliver your product or service.
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The Fulfillment Process is a workflow that includes all the tasks you’ll complete to prepare, execute, and deliver your product or service. Everyone’s process will be different, but how you determine what you want your Fulfillment Process to look like starts the same way. 

Take a few minutes to write out anything you do to prepare, complete, and deliver your service on a blank piece of paper. Think of it as if you were training another ‘you.’ How would you describe the steps of your process?

A few questions to consider are:

  • When do you speak to your clients? When do you have meetings, phone calls, or video calls with them?

  • What are your To-Do items, and when do you complete them? 

  • What documents do you send? Does your customer need another Questionnaires, Quotes, Contracts, or Invoices?

While you’re creating this list, think about which steps can be automated and which ones you need to be reviewed or updated before sending. 

Once you’ve figured out the tasks of your Fulfillment Process, create a template for any email or document you’ll send. Templates are the clean copies of an email or document that can be used again and again for any Contact or in Workflows. 

Have all your Document and Email Templates ready to go? Create your Fulfillment Process Workflow Template so you can add it to any project when the time comes. 

To learn more about setting up each of these features that comprise your Fulfillment Process, click the buttons below. 


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