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Learn how to take qualified leads and turn them into a paying Client faster with a workflow and a combined document.
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The Booking Process allows you to quickly take the leads you’ve determined you’d like to work with and turn them into a paying client. Currently, you may be spending days going back and forth with a potential client to figure out precisely what they want to purchase. Once they’ve made a decision, they have to sign a contract and pay you which can take even more time! 

You can shorten your old, multi-day, dare I see week-long process, down into a few minute experience. How? By using a workflow to automatically send a combined Quote, Contract, and Invoice document.

The Booking Process starts once you’ve determined a lead will be a good fit for you and your business. At this point, you would have either archived the contact and the project, or had your Lead Management Workflow activate your Booking Process Workflow.

Now, you may want to send them a quote, a contract, an invoice, or all of these documents. Instead of sending each of these documents separately, we recommend combining them. 

When you combine your quote, contract, and invoice, your customer has to complete each document in order. Once the first document is completed, they can then view and complete the second document in the series.  

They’ll be able to review both the quote and the contract as soon as they open the link to the document. As soon as your Lead accepts the quote, the signature fields on the contracts will auto-populate. Your Lead will them be able to sign the contract! Finally, the invoice will generate and instantly be accessible through a link at the bottom of the agreement. 

Now that your Lead has officially become a Client by accepting the quote, signing their contract, or potentially making a payment, you can move on to your Onboarding Process. 

To learn more about setting up each of these features that comprise your Booking Process, click the buttons below. 


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