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Learn how to combine quotes, contracts, and invoices
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17hats gives you the ability to send out a quote, contract, and invoice all at once, so you're able to get booked and paid faster!

To combine these documents, you'll first need to create a quote. Then, select the appropriate contract and/or invoice boxes as shown below.

When you select the contract option, you'll be prompted to create the contract from scratch, or select a previously written template.

When you select the invoice option, you'll be prompted to update the invoice settings as shown below:

You can then update those documents as needed from the quote by clicking the pencil icon on the header of your quote. 

Please note: if the client has already accepted the quote and edits are made to the attached contract or invoice, the client will need to re-accept the quote as well as resign/sign the contract.

Once sent, the client will first see the quote. They can also view the contract by hitting the "contract" tab at the top of the document, but will not be able to sign until the quote is accepted. 

Once the quote is accepted, the date of acceptance and a button to view the contract will appear on the footer of the quote.

Just as with the quote, once the contract is signed the footer will show the clients signature, the date signed, and a button to "view invoice" will appear. 

Keep in mind the client will still be able to sign the contract or pay the invoice before the previous document is complete if the document is sent to them separately.

For example, if email reminders are turned on and the client has not completed a document in the series, a reminder will be sent to them automatically; this would allow the client to finalize that document before the previous document is complete. 

Example 2: If a combined quote, contract, and invoice document is sent and the client accepts the quote, but does not sign the contract an invoice reminder could still go out based on the invoice due date initially set. The client would then be able to pay the invoice, prior to signing the contract directly. 

To prevent this from occurring, use a workflow to send your quote, contract, and invoice individually. Each workflow step can be set to be complete once the document is accepted/signed, so the next step in the sequence would not go out until the previous step is officially complete. 

If you have additional questions on combined documents or on this workflow set up reach out to our support representatives during our live chat hours of 7am-4pm PST Monday through Friday.

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