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Zapier - 17hats and MailChimp
Zapier - 17hats and MailChimp
Steps on using Zapier to sync 17hats to MailChimp
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How to Sync New Contacts in 17hats to MailChimp

When syncing your MailChimp contacts with 17hats, it is a necessity to have the in-between software, Zapier.

Within Zapier, you can create Zaps. Zaps are basically triggers that say "when a new contact comes into 17hats, send (aka Zap) information to my MailChimp account."

Please note Zapier integration is only available in Premier (Level 3) plans.

Connect with Zapier

First connect your Zapier account to 17hats. You can do this through our Integrations page in your Account Setting in 17hats.

Zap Template Creation

By creating a Zap Template you will ensure the two accounts stay synced.

Adjustments to your MailChimp Account

Because of how MailChimp has set up Zapier, I would suggest making a few adjustments to your MailChimp account first.

1) In MailChimp, access your Signup Form > Form Builder as seen below.

2) Remove the Address field populated in the Form.

MailChimp has setup their integration with Zapier so that the WHOLE address must be completed in order for the Zap to work. Meaning, you can't even leave it blank.

Many 17hats member do not collect address information on Lead Capture Forms, therefore the Zap would not work. By removing this field, your Zap will work.

3) If you would like to have the Address in Zap, add a new Text field for the Address as seen below. All you will need is one field instead of the multiple ones they had before.

Zap Templates

We have created the Zap Template for you. Within this template we added all the address fields into that one address field inside MailChimp. Just click the link below and follow the steps to connect your 17hats account and MailChimp account.
** In order for the template to work, you must complete the steps above.

FAQ About this Template:

Birthday is not linked, why not? There is still something funky happening with birthdays. (Don't worry we are looking into it.) But, because of it, we decided to keep it out.


Don't want to sync all of your new contacts from 17hats into MailChimp? Use the Zap below to filter out only the contacts you'd like to sync!


Add 17hats Contacts with Specific Tags to MailChimp

For this Zap within Zapier, Using tags (manually added to the Contact, or added automatically via your Lead Capture Form settings) within 17hats, you will use this Zap so that a specific filter will be used and only contacts with this tag will be synced into your MailChimp Account.

Zapier Template:

How It Works

Add Tags Automatically (via Lead Capture Form in 17hats)


When editing your Lead Capture Form details, you can add a specific tag you want added to every lead submitting his form. This can then be used within your Zap in Zapier, so that only those contacts are added to your MailChimp Account:

Manually add tags to 17hats Contacts

Need to add a contact to MailChimp? Simply edit your Contact and add the tag manually within the "Tags" field:

Zapier Filter

Within Zapier, your "Zap" has a Filter setup to only sync contacts with this tag:

Change this tag to any tag you wish to use for your specific lists in MailChimp! 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


To learn more about Zapier click here.

Need more help? Contact our Support Team via Chat, or Email us at

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