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Learn answers to common questions regarding our Zapier Integration, and see our beginners guide to learning their platform
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17hats now integrates with Zapier! Since this is the first iteration of our Zapier integration, we are required to keep it simple, making sure that it all works as expected. This version is limited to importing, updating and syncing Contacts (two-way), which is especially great for syncing contacts with email marketing tools. 

Please note that Zapier integration is only available in Premier (Level 3) plans.

>>> Additional 17hats actions will be added as we move through the approval process. 

Enable Integration

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings > Integrations and scroll down to the Zapier section: 

2. Once there, click "Enable" and copy the API Key that is shown in the dialog window:

3. Once copied, head to Zapier and build your Zap. When you are connecting your 17hats account for the first time, it will ask you to enter your API key to connect (rather than your 17hats login and password), this is where your will paste your copied API Key from 17hats:

4. Finish creating your Zap and make it live! We suggest running some sample tests first, to make sure it running as expected. 



 What is Zapier?

  • A tool that uses actions completed in one “app” to determine and trigger actions to be completed in other “apps”

Why is this only letting me use contact actions? 

  • Per Zapier development guidelines, the first iteration of our Zapier integration is limited to importing, updating and syncing Contacts (two-way). 

What’s next with the integration?  

  • We are going to work on building out other triggers and actions available for 17hats, but do not have a specific list of what is in progress.
    >>> If you have any specific ideas or requests, please let us know and we can make a note of the suggestion! <<<

I don't know where to start within Zapier!

  • See our walkthrough below, and take note of Zapier's own Help Center that can be used to become more familiar with their platform. 



  • Navigate to and create an account if you haven’t done so already

  • Navigate to the “Home” tab


Click the orange “Make a Zap” button at the top of your page

  1. The first step will always be choosing your “Trigger” step, this is what starts your Zap

  • Choose your Trigger 

  • Connect the account (for the app you are using in that step)

  • Setup Options

  • Test the step

2.  Next you will create the next step it can be either a:

  • Action/Search (Pick from thousands of Apps)

  • Path (build different steps for different rules)

  • Filter (only allow a zap to proceed when a certain condition is met)

  • Delay (pause actions for a certain amount of time before continuing)

3. Depending on which option you chose, once you get to an “Action” step, you will need to then connect to that App’s account and setup your rules. 

4. When your “Action” step gets to the “Edit Options” section, this is where you choose what fields to map from the first App into the second App.


Creating your Zap to include 17hats:

(Contact created in 17hats > Do XYZ):

  • The "Trigger" step will need to be 17hats

  • The “Edit Options” sections for each field within the other App. [boxed in screenshot below]

  • The tokens/fields you choose to map into these boxes will be all your 17hats Contact fields. 

Example below:

New Contact in 17hats > Creates new Card on a Trello Board

(XYZ Happens, create a contact in 17hats): 

  • The Trigger step will be your initial application where the beginning action takes place

  • The next action will be where you have the Zap "Create a contact" in 17hats

  • The “Edit Options” sections for each field will be each “Contact” field within 17hats, including custom fields! [boxed in screenshot below]

  • The tokens/fields you choose to map into these boxes will be the other App’s information/fields 

Example below: 

New Appointment in Acuity > Creates new Contact in 17hats



If you are having any issues with your Zapier "Zap" running as needed, going to your “Task History” within Zapier will usually help troubleshoot the issue.

The Task History page where you can see specific data input and output within a specific Zap

Once on this tab, you can search by specific Task type, and it is here you will want to look for 

 Zap Tasks:

Once you are sorting to this view, let us know if the specific error refers to 17hats. If it does not, you will want to contact Zapier's support center, or visit their Help Center for additional troubleshooting steps. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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