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How to Delete Projects in Bulk
How to Delete Projects in Bulk
Learn how to delete or archive projects in bulk!
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It's essential to keep your 17hats account organized and clean, so you're not spending extra time finding documents, projects, clients, etc. and can focus on what you do best! 

One way 17hats helps you stay organized is with the ability to delete or archive both projects and most documents all at once!  We recommend archiving over deletion as you can then simply unarchive should you need to reference it later

Deleting Projects in Bulk

To be able to delete more than one project at a time, first open the main Project Page. You'll need to change the project view from the grid format, to the list format if it's not already set before moving forward.

Once you're in the list view, you can use the checkboxes to select the projects you'd like to delete. 

As soon as you select a project a "Bulk Actions" drop-down will appear so you can opt to add/remove tags, archive or delete projects, or apply workflows in bulk!

When you select the Delete option, you will also be prompted to confirm you'd like to delete the selected projects.

Please Note: If you choose to DELETE the Project, that data will be completely deleted and cannot be restored, any documents will be deleted, and any bookkeeping records associated with the Project will be deleted. If you would rather archive the Project, this will hide it from your everyday view but allow you to still access it should you need later

Want to delete a document? Check out this article to see how!

If you have additional questions on this, or anything else related to 17hats give us a shout! You can chat with us live by clicking on the messenger button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen Monday through Friday from 7AM - 4PM PST

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