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User and Account Owner Contract Signature Options
User and Account Owner Contract Signature Options
Learn whose name appears on Contracts in the signature section
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Contracts play an important part in your Client Experience. They provide a description of responsibilities both parties will perform, bind you and your contact to those duties or responsibilities, secure payment agreement, and provide a path of recourse if the relationship between you and your contact declines. 

By default, the person who created or last updated the Contract will be listed as a signee for the Contract. For example, if an added User creates and saves a Contract within a clients Project, their name will be listed on the signature section. 

If a different User or the Account Owner edits and re-saves that Contract their name will replace the original signee's name. 

If you're using the Workflow feature to send Contracts, the Account Owners name will always show in the signature section. If another User needs to sign the Contract, that specific Workflow step will need to be set to trigger "upon review". This will allow the other user of the account to edit the contract so their name appears in the signature section. 

Need other client signature fields? Click the button below to see how to add multiple signature fields to a contract. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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