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Learn how to move emails from one project to another using Related Contacts!
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Working with the same people on multiple projects can get confusing. That's why Email Sorting is now available directly from your Overview Page! For members who work with vendors, second shooters, and other Related Contacts, this is going to be a huge boost to your email organization!

How Email Sorting Works

In order for an email to be sorted, you must first have a Related Contact added to a project. Not sure how to add a Related Contact? Just click here to find out how. 

If that Related Contact is only added to one project, emails sent from the listed email address will be sorted into the primary contacts project. If the Related Contact is added to more than one Project, you'll be able to sort emails into the various projects they're added to. 

Messages from a recognized contact email address that does not currently have a primary project, and is added to two or more projects will show as "waiting to be sorted" on your Dashboard. Messages from saved Contacts that have their own Project will automatically be sorted into the Contact's Project. They will not need to be sorted.

When will emails need to be sorted?

  • Messages that could potentially be assigned to more than one project will have the ability to be sorted. For example, an email from someone that is a Related Contact for multiple projects.

  • You can now also sort past emails to other projects that the contact has been associated with (ex: projects where they were either the main contact or projects where they were added on as a Related Contact.)

How do I sort my emails?

There are two ways to Sort Emails: from the Dashboard and from the Project. 

To sort a message from the Dashboard, first click to open the "emails to be sorted" section within the "Let's Take Care of Business" area. Next, hover over the email name and click on the "Click to Sort" option that appears. 

You can then scroll through the active projects from the drop-down that appears and select the appropriate project the message needs to organized to. Your email will automatically be sorted to the project selected and will disappear from your Dashboard. 

To sort a message from a Project, first open the project the message appears on. Then go the Emails tab and open the message like you would to read or reply to it. 

Using the arrow icon next to the Project name, you'll be able to sort the email to any other project as needed.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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