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Multi User Email Settings
Multi User Email Settings
Incoming and Outgoing Email Settings for Multi-User
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If you would like an email address to appear on your overview page you can add it under Account Settings > Email Settings: "Email Account:" 

Note :When a new user is added, they start fresh and they will not see any e-mail accounts until they sync them to this new user profile. 


For Multi-User, settings differ depending on what you are using as your Outgoing Email Server. You have the choice of connecting your own Outgoing Server, or using the 17hats Mail Server (default option). 

Note: should you select to use your own outgoing server, you will only be able to send from one email address (Outgoing Server), and replies to these e-mails will come back to this Outgoing Server email address.Should you select to use the 17hats Mail Server ( you will be able to send from any of your synced user email addresses, and replies to these e-mails will come back to those specific user e-mail addresses. They can additionally be visible to any users who have synced these specific incoming email addresses within their settings (see above).

To learn more about these two options, see the links below:

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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