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Can I send one email to multiple clients/leads?
Can I send one email to multiple clients/leads?
Can I send a mass email, or newsletter in 17hats?
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The way 17hats is designed, you may only send an email to one contact/project at time, as we are not an email marketing tool. You can however save the email as a template, and send it from each client's project that you need to one at a time.... or automate this with a workflow!

An enhancement to the 17hats platform gives you the ability to Bulk Apply a Workflow to multiple Projects if you want to send an email to multiple Clients. If you have a Workflow setup to send an email you can Bulk Apply that Workflow by following the steps in this article. Use this process cautiously though, as we are not a bulk email service and do not have the ability to add required opt-out links necessary for bulk marketing email. It's your responsibility to use this capability for communication with your actual clients.

If you truly want to engage in bulk email marketing, we suggest using a 3rd party email marketing tool, such as MailChimp, and exporting your 17hats Contacts to a CSV and then importing the list to MailChimp (or a similar service). You may also want to consider automating this a bit too with your new Contacts being added to MailChimp using Zapier. More on this can be found here:

If your email goals include generating leads, then you may want to provide a link in your email to a 17hats Lead Capture Form. Follow this article to install the Lead Capture Form in the body of your email, using the option "Link to 17hats Form".

To learn more on how to customize your lead forms click here.

Please note we are not affiliated with MailChimp, or any 3rd party marketing email provider


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