The project overview screen is a summary of all the important happenings of your project.  To view the project overview screen for a particular project, simply navigate to the project in question (or using the search field).  

The new overview will keep all of the project's pertinent data right at your finger tips:

1.Lifecycle - this is where your lifecycle will appear if added. It will also show which phase the project is on, allowing you to also manually change the stage by clicking on it.

2. Project Information: This is where the information entered when first creating the Project will be. Edit this at any time by selecting "Edit" in the top right, and selecting "Edit Project" 

3. Tabs: At the bottom of the screen, you will see tabs that list:

  • Notes
  • Emails
  • Files 
  • To-do's 
  • Events
  • Phone Log
  • Time Log
  • Activity Log

4a. Upcoming Workflow Tasks: Where upcoming workflow tasks will appear (any due within the next 7 days)
4b. Workflows: Where all workflows assigned to your project will appear 

5. Important Documents: This is where you will find your Questionnaires, Contracts, Invoices and Quotes related to this project

6. Related Contacts: Related contacts can be added here, these can then be cc'ed on emails, and added to contract as required signatures. 

7. Finances: This is where you will have a mini- Profit and Loss Breakdown by project. Any expenses assigned to this Project in Bookkeeping will appear here, along with payments/income. 

8. Lifecycle Reminders: Where you will see the # of days the project has been inactive, along with what stage/reminder the project is on 

9. Events: Upcoming Events in the next 7 days. (Events <7 days out can still be seen under the Events tab at the bottom of the Project's page). 

Adding Projects:

When creating a new project, you will see the following options:

  • Project Name
  • Budget
  • Tags (Specific to this project, not the contact as a whole)
  • Calendar
  • Project Date/Time
  • Location (will appear once you enter a date)

If you have more than a single project for the same contact record, you may select the project you wish to view from the drop down menu near the top right of the page.  

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