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What are the benefits of using my own outgoing server (SMTP)?
What are the benefits of using my own outgoing server (SMTP)?
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If you are using the 17hats outgoing mail server, all messages will be sent from you but through the 17hats servers.  While this is fine for most users, but it does send messages from your email address, followed by: sent via

  • Replies will still go to your email (In this case, Alexa@17hats)

  • There has also been some reports that these emails have tendency to get routed to your client's SPAM folders.

We suggest you use your own mail provider's outgoing mail server so that the messages are coming directly through your email provider.  To do this:

  • Navigate to "Account Settings and then "Email Settings" 

  • Press the "Change Outgoing Server" button.  

  • If you utilize "Google Gmail" or "Hotmail", simply select that option from the drop down menu and enter your login credentials.  If you have your own domain or your email provider is not listed, please select the "Other" option.  You will then be prompted for your login/password along with your SMTP server and port number. (Your email provider should be able to provide you with this information if needed.)

It is always good practice to perform a few self tests (or with a friend) trying out different email templates and sending of forms. If your email is received, then your outgoing settings are good.  

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