Troubleshooting Errors
Learn how to get additional information the Business Support Team can use when troubleshooting errors
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Anytime the site isn't performing as expected we recommend that you clear your browser cache and click the 17hats logo in the upper-left hand corner. This will do a hard refresh on your page and should update the system. 

 We also highly recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser when accessing 17hats, because while our website is certainly tested across each of the primary browsers, we frequently note ongoing variations as new plugins, extensions, and software updates occur for each browser. Currently, Google Chrome is noted to work the best and their developers have done a great job with creating highly stable and simple browser code that performs well across every website, including 17hats.

If those options do not work Support will sometimes request a screenshot of your console tab of your browser. This helps our engineers see any underlying issues in your 17hats account. 

To do this, *Right Click* your mouse, and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element". You will then get a sidebar window appear, that allows you to click over  from Elements to "Console". Take a screenshot of the log and send it to us at - we will take it from there! 

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