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How Do I Integrate With ShootProof?
How Do I Integrate With ShootProof?
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How Do I Integrate With ShootProof?

If you have a ShootProof account, you may now integrate it with your 17hats account!  To do this, simply navigate to "account settings > integrations" and press the "connect account" button.  After pressing "connect account", you will be given a few options before you integrate the two:

You will first choose the "Income Category" and "Bank Account".  This will be used for your ShootProof sales but can be edited at a later time if needed. 

After you have chosen the proper settings for your particular needs, press the green "Connect" button.  You will then be redirected to ShootProof where you will log into your account there and authorize the sync.  Press the blue "Authorize" button and you will be brought back to 17hats.

After integrating the two, you can now add a ShootProof gallery for any of your projects.  Navigate to the project in question and press "add > ShootProof Gallery"  You will have the option to select from an existing list of ShootProof events or create a new ShootProof event from scratch:

When creating a new ShootProof event, you will be prompted to give it a name and event date.  You may then view the gallery directly from within the project or remove it if needed:

Now that you have integrated with ShootProof, all new orders will appear on your dashboard overview as well as in your bookkeeping records.  Pretty amazing, huh?

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