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Why are calendar event times different between 17hats and Google?
Why are calendar event times different between 17hats and Google?
Steps to ensuring your timezone is correct in 17hats
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Are you noticing that some or all of your calendar events on your 17hats Calendar page are shifted an hour, two, or three from the time they're showing on your Google Calendar? Check the Time Zone setting for each account!

You can find your 17hats Time Zone setting at the bottom of your Brand Preferences page. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your 17hats account to get to your Account Settings page:

  • Click Brand Preferences in the left menu:

  • If you don't see your city listed, choose the closest in your time zone:

Please note: Some regions observe Daylight Savings Time while others do not. If your region observes DST, but you don't see your city in the dropdown, please be sure to choose the closest city that observes DST. 17hats will calculate Daylight Savings changes for your calendar automatically, based on what you choose here.

You can find your Google Calendar time zone setting on your Google Calendar Settings page. Click the gear icon in your Google Calendar account and click "Settings" from the menu:

  • The settings for Time Zone are near the top, or you can click "Time Zone" in the left menu to focus on it:

Still having trouble with your event times differing between Google and 17hats? Contact our support team via email at, or start a chat with the bubble icon in the bottom right corner of the page:

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